The documentation on this page is being shared with the express purpose of revealing the inequitable structures at the Guggenheim that uphold systemic racism and create a toxic work environment. 

The items on this page are organized by type: audio transcripts, videos, and articles. Submissions are clearly labeled as such and are shared with express consent of the submitter. Documentation published elsewhere is clearly described with sources linked.

Transcripts accurately reflect audio recordings to the best of our ability. Full audio recordings are available upon request. Select names and identifiers have been redacted for staff protection. Text in bold corresponds to audio clips posted on our Instagram account.

If you would like to request full audio recordings or send in a submission for inclusion on this page (audio, video, or other documentation), please email Per our Instagram submission guidelines, we are committed to protecting the anonymity of submitters.


Submission: Nancy Spector speaking at a curatorial

January 27, 2020

Submission: Sarah Eaton speaking at a communications meeting

November 8 , 2019


Elizabeth Duggal’s remarks at the Guggenheim’s panel

November 5, 2019

Chaédria LaBouvier speaking about the Guggenheim’s panel

November 5, 2019

Richard Armstrong at a Columbia University panel

October 15, 2019


New York Times article on the Basquiat exhibition

July 30, 2019

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