For Managers

Learn how to be a better manager to your BIPOC and furloughed employees.

Supporting BIPOC employees and colleagues

“A key part of allyship is listening to underrepresented voices, and in this instance requires centering and prioritizing Black people’s specifically.”



  • This blog by Alica Forneret of Culture Amp titled, “One Black employee’s answer to ‘How can I help?’” includes a list of guides and books to read, suggestions to try out, and other actions that non-Black professionals can take, ideally in partnership with HR teams. Forneret says this resource was built so that Black professionals could easily send something to their non-Black colleagues who ask “What can I do?”  and as something non-Black professionals can read themselves and send to their non-Black colleagues. 
  • These tips by a diversity and inclusion consultant suggest how to manage Black employees with dignity and respect.
  • This Harvard Business Review article offers advice on how companies can support employees of color through the pandemic.

Helping and communicating with your furloughed employees

“While employees don’t work during a furlough, that doesn’t mean they stop existing. Managers should be actively thinking about how to have a ‘good’ furlough: one that is fair and boosts morale as much as possible.”

Harvard Business Review


Have questions, comments, or critiques about any of these resources? Want to submit some? Let us know!

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